Vivah pujan and yagna kit

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1. Roli

2. Kalawa

3. Kapur

4. Long

5. Elaichi 6. Supari

7. Gola

8. Jau

9. Indra jau

10.Kala til

11. Chandan chura

12. Dhoop

13. sindoor 14. Attar

15. Panch meva

16. Batase 17. Haldi pisi

18. Shahed

19. Bura

20.Chawal 21. Haldi sabut

22. Matchbox

23. Nariyal 24. Devdar lakdi

25. Aam lakdi

26. Samagri 27. Ganga jal

28. Panchranga

29. Rui 30. Janeu

31. Lal kapda

32. Ghee spoon

33. Sindoor mang

34. Kheel

35. Dhaan 36. Mukti ( mukut) 37. Dona 38. Steel Diya.

The "Vivah Phere Hawan Kit" is a collection of essential items and ingredients required to perform the sacred fire ritual (Hawan) during the Vivah Phere, which is the culmination of the Hindu wedding ceremony. The Vivah Phere, also known as the Saptapadi or Seven Vows, involves the couple taking seven rounds around the sacred fire while making seven promises to each other. The Hawan conducted during this ceremony is symbolic of invoking divine blessings for a harmonious and prosperous married life.

The Vivah Phere is a sacred and joyous occasion, symbolizing the union of two individuals in the presence of divine forces and their community. It is a momentous step in Hindu weddings, and the vows made during this ritual are considered binding for the couple's lifelong journey together. The ceremony emphasizes the values of commitment, love, and mutual understanding that form the foundation of a strong and enduring marital relationship.

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