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Product detail:  Pujfit.com Chandan tika is made from pure and natural products, Pujfit Chandan tika is premium quality product which hold natural content of Chandan, kesar, rose water, gangajal, tulsi and many more. It helps you to express and keep up your tradition and rituals. Pujfit Chandan tika make you feel smooth and creamy while using.

Aroma: Chandan tika paste is renowned for its distinctive and pleasant fragrance, which is calming and spiritually uplifting.

Symbolic significance: In Hindu traditions, applying chandan tika on the forehead is a common practice during religious ceremonies and daily rituals. The mark represents purity, devotion, and the sacred third eye, associated with spiritual awakening.

Application: Devotees or priests often apply the chandan tika in the form of a tilak or bindi on the forehead. It may also be used to make various ritualistic symbols during worship.

Cooling properties: Sandalwood is known for its cooling properties, making chandan tika not only a symbol of spirituality but also a practical element to soothe the skin.

Chandan tika paste holds cultural and religious significance, and its application is an integral part of various ceremonies and rituals in Hindu culture.

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